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When institutional grade investment expertise is available to Canadians through an award winning platform, it’s a game changer — Mercer Invest Wise?

For Canadians, wealth management can represent an endless source of stress — whether putting money aside for an important purchase, paying off debt, or saving for retirement. Increasingly, this stress is interfering with workplace health and productivity — creating new demands on managers and companies to take care of employee well-being. When equipped with the right technology, employers can help employees achieve financial freedom.

Powered by Wealthsimple, Mercer Invest Wise is a low fee investing solution that makes it easy for everyone to manage their personal finances and save in an affordable way. By combining Wealthsimple’s automated investing with Mercer’s curation of portfolios, this modern digital investment solution offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-access interface; allowing everyone to save anytime, anywhere.

A flexible add-on to complement your existing benefits at no cost: Mercer Invest Wise can be easily added to your existing total rewards offering, without increasing fiduciary oversight. There’s no heavy architecture required to begin offering this solution, making it easy to introduce it into your workplace.

Expert portfolio management without the high fees: We’re bringing investment expertise that was traditionally only available to the largest retirement plans, directly to individuals. As an alternative to existing high-fees, more limited options on the retail market, this solution provides portfolios tailored to fit the unique financial needs of Canadians. Our oversight gives employees confidence when they invest their money at fees that are much lower than the average mutual fund — helping them achieve their financial goals faster.

Strengthen your employee value proposition: Attract and retain talented employees by adding supplemental investment options to your benefits package. This solution can also complement your pension plan with a variety of savings vehicles and spousal accounts — such as TFSAs, RRSPs, RESPs and NREGS. Allow your employees the flexibility to pick and choose which best suits their needs.

A strong collaboration:
Wealthsimple is a financial technology company on a mission to help everyone achieve financial freedom. Its digital investing service, used by over 100,000 Canadians, makes investing simple, transparent and low-cost.

With over 70 years of consulting experience, Mercer delivers advice and technology-driven solutions that help organizations meet the health, wealth and career needs of 115 million people every day.

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